Plural for Databases (Informant)

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Pretty Databases.  I've never seen a data room in the real world this pretty.  Maybe google.

The English language is full of weird confusing things.  Some would say that it's simply bizarre.  Pluralizing words and making them verbs depends on the world.  The Plural of ox is oxen where box boxes.  Why not 'boxen'?  Then there are crazy sentences like this:

All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life.

Why Databases should be renamed

One of my favorites, to steal from 'Eats, shoots, and leaves', (Wiki: Eats, shoots, and leaves) is how you place the comma.

So English is crazy.  So what.  

All the Cool Things Get It

If English is already crazy, then let's have fun with it.  All the cool plural words get fun names.

A pack of crows is called a murder.  

One moose is a moose.  Two moose is still moose.  A group of owls is a parliament.  A group of nuns is a superfluity.  What does that even mean?  

Here's a List of other crazy fun collectives:

  1. Labor of Moles
  2. Shrewdness of Apes
  3. Gam of Whales
  4. Pass of Asses
  5. Kindle of Kittens
  6. Smack of Jellyfish
  7. Host of Angels
  8. Hand of Bananas
  9. Fusillade of Bullets
  10. Baptism of Fire
  11. Tissue of lies
  12. Murder of Crows
  13. Shock of Corn
  14. Knot of Toads
  15. Business of Ferrets
  16. Parliament of Owls
  17. Superfluity of Nuns
  18. Mustering of Storks
  19. Unkindness of Ravens
  20. Dule of Doves
  21. Clowder, Cluster, or Clutter of Cats
  22. Mute of Hounds
  23. Abominable Sight of Monks
  24. Charm of Finches
  25. Gaggle of Gossips
  26. Fighting of Beggars
  27. Neverthriving of Jugglers
  28. Wedge of Swans (when flying)
  29. Hill of Beans
  30. Hastiness of Cooks
  31. College of Cardinals
  32. Ostentation of Peacocks
  33. String of Ponies
  34. Untruth of Summoners
  35. Herd of Harlots
  36. Worship of Writers
  37. Band of Men
  38. Quiver of Arrows
  39. Team of Ducks (when flying)
  40. Paddling of Ducks (when on water)
  41. Trip of Goats
  42. Sloth, or Sleuth, of Bears
  43. Doctrine of Doctors
  44.  Damning of Jurors
  45. Sentence of Judges
  46. Rascal of Boys
  47. Gaggle of Women
  48. Impatience of Wives
  49. Tabernacle of Bakers

Poverty of Pipers

A Murder

A Murder of Crows

Caw Caw.  The Norse thought these were the harbingers of the gods.

Databases are Awesome, and they need some love

Databases need some love.  They run everything in our world today.  They help you wake up with your database of various alarms on your phone, and hold a list of your favorite memes.  They help run everything from roadways to taxes.  The control companies as big as google, and as small as your local library.  

So with all of that awesomeness why not give these databases some love.  They control everything they inform us of the millions of things that you need.  They are our informants.

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