Caveman Developments

Nognom's Development

Welcome to Nognom’s Caveman development.  This site dedicated to sharing findings on experimentations, tests, and web development as a whole.  This site is primarily going to share new developments on site optimization with a few fun tested techniques, we encourage feedback and sharing of your knowledge too.  This is meant to be a fun site, constantly used to test and try things out, so don’t be surprised when you find a few features inside, that may not yet work 100%.  Come and enjoy.

What Does it Mean to Be a Caveman?

I am a self described caveman. Most look at such a term to be a low level lifeform, and to some, I may be. To the rest I am a humble developer who is never done making things better. Cavemen were those brave adventurers who first roamed our planet and made some attempts to make it better. We jokingly credit them with the invention of the stone wheel, but in truth they were some of the first developers. Read More